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Richard Barradell

Year of call: 1990

Called to the Bar 1990/Inner Temple

For the past 28 years, Richard Barradell’s practice has revolved around servicing South Yorkshire solicitors and their clients. His entirely defence based practice has taken him to every Circuit in the country.

His strong reputation as one of the leading barristers on the North Eastern Circuit, means that he is instructed in many of the serious (special case work) multi-defendant allegations in South Yorkshire.

Richard is instructed in a wide variety of cases involving serious and organised crime. He has appeared in a large number of significant cases involving offences of:

  • Murder (including gangland executions, murder within a prison setting and domestic murder);
  • Drug conspiracies and importations (especially cut-throat examples of such);
  • Robbery and conspiracy to rob;
  • Prison Riot/Mutiny;
  • Blackmail and Kidnapping;
  • People Trafficking and prostitution;
  • All categories of serious violence from conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder to section 18.
He is frequently instructed in Fraud offences, including:
  • Mortgage Fraud;
  • Tax and Excise Duty Evasion;
  • Corruption and Money Laundering with associated offences.
  • In addition he has significant experience in Shaken Baby Homicide and child neglect cases involving the usual and varied medical disciplines and expertise involved in alleging non-accidental injury (NAI) to children and babies.

Richard Barradell of KBW Chambers is “well known for his criminal defence work” Legal 500 (2017)

Court of Appeal Experience

Richard regularly appears at the Court of Appeal when he feels there has been an injustice in a case. This includes numerous appeals which he handles on a pro-bono  when his clients have been refused permission/leave in the first instance.

Reported Cases

R v Healey & Others (2012) EWCA Crim 1005 CA. Robert Healey was my client at first instance and the appeal involved the South Yorkshire Judiciary refusing to apply the Sentencing Council’s Guidelines on sentence.

R v Andrew Furby (2005) EWCA Crim 3147. Authoratative review of ‘one-punch’ manslaughter sentencing.

R v Shaban Maka (2006) 2Cr.App.R.(S) 14 CA. People Trafficking sentence. One of the first two cases to be prosecuted.

R v Nguyen Van Minh (and others) (2007) EWCA Crim 3129. Authoratative review of sentence in Cultivation of Cannabis cases.

Recent Cases

In the last 12 months Richard Barradell’s practice has gone from strength to strength. A continuation of defending in serious and often organised criminal trials, including:-

R.v.Riley, Varley, Cunningham and Others (Feb 2019).
Very serious section 18 wounding attack. No complainant — where by members of a local community attacked a rival who almost bled to death. Secured a conviction for affray (rather than joint enterprise section 18) when all others admitted and pleaded guilty to section 18. Client thereafter received a very much reduced sentence (less than one sixth of the principle Defendant).

R.v.Mellor and others (Feb 2019).
Encouraging Death by Dangerous Driving (3 weeks trial) involving a HGV tractor unit which had been taken and driven without the owner’s consent. The 3 passengers were prosecuted for “encouraging” the principle to drive.

R.v.Bower and Others (Dec 2018).
Death By Dangerous Driving – four road users killed and three seriously injured after police chase.

R.v.Batty (Nov 2018).
Multi complainant historic sexual abuse (boys and girls). Acquitted by jury on all counts.

R.v.Gemma Clough and Others (Nov 2018).
Conspiracy to use Firearms to cause Fear (2 weeks trial). Conspirators seek revenge for drugs theft. Case against the Defendant based solely on telephone cell-siting and call patterns. Judge ordered acquittal at the close of the prosecution case (all other Defendants convicted).

R.v.Anwar and Others (Oct/Nov 2018).
Multi Defendant trial (5 weeks trial) alleging conspiracies to supply class A drugs, Possess Prohibited Weapons and Money Laundering (Gold Bars and 100’s of £1000’s of cash). Telephone call patterns and expert firearms analysis. Case to be subject of a retrial.

R.v.Crowther and Bull (September 2018).
Causing or Allowing a Child to Suffer Serious Injury and Child Cruelty. 12 day jury trial with expert paediatric witnesses and cut-throat defences.

R.v.Rose (September 2018).
Juvenille/Youth charged section 18 wounding. Acquitted on day 7 of trial by jury.

R.v.Thompson (August 2018).
One punch brain damage where client had previous conviction for one-punch manslaughter. Previous conviction successfully excluded from the case.

R.v.Hogarth (Aug 2018).
Armed robbery (firearm) clients photograph (alleged) shown on Crimestoppers committing the offence. Judge directed acquittal.

R.v.Claire Gough and others (July 2018).
Possession of Class A drugs with intent – all class A drugs available for sale including Fentanyl an opioid many many times stronger than heroin. Client had previous convictions for conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Case dropped at trial.

R.v.Gent (July 2018).
Nationwide investigation into unlicensed money lending by previously licenced Lender (fraud and regulatory offences charged). Guilty pleas entered and suspended sentence secured against the established sentencing Court of Appeal authorities.

R.v.Hayes (July 2018).
Drugs (class A and B) and firearms (prohibited weapons). Guilty pleas to the drugs and jury trial on the firearms. Acquitted on all denied counts by jury.

R.v.Tanasa and others (June/July 2018).
Multi-Defendant human trafficking case involving brothels in Teeside and Sheffield. Applications to dismiss on behalf of client. Co-accused plead guilty and not guily verdicts on all counts secured on behalf of client.

R.v.Girdlestone and others (April/May/June 2018).
Multi-Defendant Conspiracy to Defraud the DWP of Access to Work monies (multi-millions). All Defendants profoundly deaf so very significant special measure. The main Conspirator made statement to the police and gave Queens evidence (he was also deaf). A second Defendant gave cut-throat evidence. Very substantial and lengthy case (see earlier trial from Feb 2017).

Jury acquitted client on all counts. The main conspirator was jailed for 6 years and the Defendant who gave cut-throat evidence against client was unanimously convicted and jailed for 4 years.

R.V.SEARS and others (Feb/March 2018)
11 handed Conspiracy to supply Heroin. 15 month covert police operation including; undercover observations, telephone call patterns, cell site analysis, search and seizure. Acquitted by jury.

R.v.Rahman (Feb 2018)
Serious violence/use of knife…acquitted by Jury on all counts.

R.v.Faid (Jan 2018)
Possession of a Prohibited Weapon (attracting 5 years minimum sentence). Special Reasons argued and found by Judge. Suspended Sentence passed.

R.v.Taylor (Jan 2018)
Targeted section 18 attack by gang of inmates on another inmate. Prosecution accept lesser charge during difficult trial.

R.v.Tabrez (Jan 2018)
Drug related section 18 revenge attack. Prosecution abandon case part way through the trial. Complainant now under investigation for perverting the course of justice. Judge directed acquittal.

R.v.Dilkes (Dec 2017)
Multi complainant historic rape and child sex abuse. Defendant had previously served 10 years for the same type of offending. Case presently the subject of appeal.

R.v.Armstrong (Nov 2017)
Rape and Sexual Assault. Acquitted by jury on all counts.

R.v.Tinkler (Oct 2017)
Death by Dangerous. Case presently the subject of appeal (leave granted).

R.v.Young (Sept 2017)
Internet Abuser who groomed and subsequently raped, blackmailed and abused young boys (perverted and degrading acts). Multi complainant case and abuse continued over many years. Life sentence avoided.

R.v.Carr (Aug 2017)
Section 18. Acquitted by Jury.

R.v.Gordon (July 2017)
Historic familial Rape. Acquitted by Jury on all counts.

R.v.Bradley (June 2017)
Conspiracy to Burgle, Steal and Launder Criminal Property. Conspiracies successfully dismissed.

R.v.Misko (May/June 2017)
Conspiracies to Burgle, Steal and Defraud. 6 week trial commenced. Part way through trial – guilty plea entered on very limited basis.

R.v.Griffiths (June 2017)
VAT Fraud. After initial guilty plea, the case was re-opened and the plea successfully vacated. Prosecution then offer no evidence.

R.v.Brown (May 2017)
Rape. Acquitted on all counts by Jury.

R.v.Mason (April 2017)
Encouraging a Serious Offence (Serious Crime Act section 45). One of very few examples of this offence prosecuted so far. Group of bystanders prosecuted for encouraging the principle to commit Death by Dangerous Driving (x4)(late Plea).

R.v.Robshaw (April 2017)
Section 18 – case dropped.

R.v.Hussain (April 2017)
Sexual Assault – case dropped.

R.v.Palmer (April 2017)
Rape and Sexual Assaults. Jury return mixed verdicts.

R.v.Girdlestone (Feb 2017)
Multi Defendant Conspiracy to Defraud. All Defendants were deaf and were accused of defrauding the DWP of Access to Work monies. Trial stopped after 2 weeks for legal reasons. Retrial scheduled for April 2018.

R.v.Arsalan (Jan 2017)
Supply Class A – case dropped.

R.v.Simpson (Jan 2017)
Multi Complainant historic familial child abuse.

R.v.Hiles (Dec 2016)
Arson with Intent. Revenge attack – Acquitted by Jury.

R.v.Dale Smith (Nov 2016)
Rape and Sexual Assault. Case taken over from previous Counsel after the Client had been convicted on most counts on his indictment. The subsequent re-trial was of rape upon a complainant where the first Jury could not agree upon their verdict. Bad character evidence (from convictions from first trial featured) – Acquitted by Jury on all remaining counts.

R.v.Blakesley (Oct 2016)
Rape, Anal Rape and Violence – acquitted on all counts.

R.v.Zambasa (Sept 2016)
Money Laundering acquitted by Jury.

R.V.Neatby (July 2016).
Murder by strangulation (led by Adrian Waterman Q.C.). Vulnerable victim targeted and robbed in his own home. The Defence was alibi. Successfully excluded the majority of the prosecution scientific evidence under section 78 Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.  Acquitted of murder, manslaughter and robbery by the jury

R.V.Hayes (June 2016).
Multi-Defendant child abuse ring with cut-throat defences. Allegations dated back to 1971. Successful half time submissions necessitated in an amendment to the indictment. This allowed the Defendant to retain his liberty after the trial.

R.V.Bell (May 2016).
Multi-complainant historic sexual abuse. Including allegations of violent, drunken rape. Acquitted by the jury on all counts.

R.V.Haigh (April 2016).
Historic relationship rape and associated underage sex allegations. Acquitted by the jury of all rape counts. At the retrial of the sole remaining count on the indictment in April 2017 that indictment was stayed as an abuse of process, leaving Mr Haigh acquitted on all counts.

R.V.Batty (April 2016).
Relationship rape (anal). The Defendant was a serving Police Officer. Acquitted by the jury.

R.V.Whaling and Hogan (Feb 2016).
Entering into A Money Laundering Arrangement. This was an International “Boiler Room” fraud. Based in Spain where all dealings were channelled through the UK. Multi-million pound fraud with hundreds of experienced investor’s tricked. Acquitted by the jury of all involvement.

R.V.Grimshaw and others (Feb 2016).
Conspiracy to Supply Firearms six handed case. Police undercover investigation which included “directed” and “intrusive” surveillance of a number of gang members. Judge ordered acquittal of Grimshaw on day six of the trial.

R.V.Buck and Others (Feb 2016).
Multi-Defendant conspiracies to both burgle and steal. Cell site, Call pattern analysis, ANPR and detailed scenes of crime work. Led to the successful prosecution of a family crime group for Ram-Raid ATM burglaries and large scale conspiracy to steal new and unregistered motor vehicles. Represented the head of the family.

R.V.M Ahmed (Jan 2016).
Relationship rape. Acquitted by the jury.

R.V.Birley and Nicholls (Nov 2015).
Prosecution of a man for murder who had a previous conviction for murder. Bad character of the defendant ruled as inadmissible – despite the fact that there was a cut throat defence run by the co-accused.

R.v.Shaukat and others July 2015.
Retrial (see below). Led by Adrian Waterman – all Defendants acquitted after a “Waterman” submission at the end of all defence cases. The case against all five Defendants stopped after legal argument – which was taken by the defence team for Shaukat. In order for this submission to succeed, it was necessary to first have the cases against all the other Defendants stopped.

Murder and Conspiracy to cause GBH (October 2014): Case involved a revenge attack by a traveller family gang. There were two substantial trials, the first giving rise to a number of convictions for murder and conspiracy. Client secured acquittal of murder. The evidence was totally cell-site, ANPR, CCTV and telephone pattern based.


Conspiracy to murder (Sept 2014): Case involved an alleged conspiracy to execute a man in Pakistan. Five Defendant case with a probe authorised under RIPA 2000. The case had to be adjourned after ten days for disclosure reasons and will be re-listed.

Multi – tens of £millions class A drug conspiracy (Feb/March 2014):- this was a ruthless cut-throat defence run by co-accused. The case involved a five Defendant case over seven weeks. It is subject to appeals against both conviction and sentence.

Conspiracy to import hand rolling tobacco (April/May 2014):- This a multi-defendant conspiracy to import hand rolling tobacco from the continent. It involved multipe importations of tobacco in four tonne consignments. Client had previous convictions for the same offence and so issues of ‘bad character’ arose in the trial. Client was one of only two defendants out of eight to stand his trial – the others pleaded guilty.

Cash for Crash – Conspiracy to Defraud (Autumn 2013): Was a large scale and organised insurance fraud involving many defendants (fifteen in total) and the hire of and deliberate staging of road traffic accidents and the subsequent fraudulent insurance claims made. Both clients were acquitted of the conspiracy to defraud and convicted of a lesser charge allowing both to receive non custodial sentences.


People trafficking, drugs and prostitution ring in Lincoln (June/July 2014): Securing client acquittal on the Trafficking and drugs counts, the conviction on a minor count allowed for immediate release.


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