Olivia Checa-Dover and Becky Jane, as leading and junior counsel, have successfully presented a complex police misconduct case arising from a detective’s mismanagement of six investigations, all involving vulnerable complainants.

The misconduct investigation into these six cases was conducted by the IOPC, before being passed back to Humberside Police as the Appropriate Authority tasked with presenting the case within composite proceedings. Following a hearing before a Misconduct Panel, all of the allegations were found proven, constituting gross misconduct. Further, the Panel found the conduct of the accused officer to have breached the Standard of Professional Behaviour relating to Honesty and Integrity.

Following service of the notice of allegations, but before the misconduct hearing, the officer resigned. As such, the outcomes available to the Panel were limited. Considering the seriousness of the findings, and the harm caused, the Panel determined that the officer would have been dismissed if he was still a serving officer. The former officer will be placed on the “barred list.”