Naakesha Michl was disappointed when the coronavirus lockdown prevented her from competing in the Holkham Half-Ironman Triathlon, an event that she had been training for for months. Not to be stopped, she decided that the event must go on, and she constructed her own course in her cul-de-sac. She swam an equivalent of 1.2 miles in a paddling pool on her driveway, cycled 56 miles on a rolling road in her garage, and ran 131 laps of the cul-de sac to complete a 13.1 mile run. Most impressively of all she did this in often driving rain.

Naakesha completed the event to raise money for MIND, collecting £1600 for her efforts, as well as raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing at the bar.

Chambers is proud to count someone as determined and unstoppable as Naakesha amongst its members.