Nicholas Campbell Q.C. and Ian Mullarkey successfully prosecute rogue police officers

Nicholas Campbell Q.C. and Ian Mullarkey successfully prosecute rogue police officers

01 December 2017

Operation Knightsbridge was an investigation into the activities of two serving police officers Wahid Husman and Tahsib Majid  who had hatched an ambitious plot to conduct what the prosecution characterised as an unlawful sting operation. Officers of the West Midlands Police Counter Corruption Unit uncovered the plan which, if successful, would have deprived drugs traffickers of kilos of drugs of both Class A and B, only to have ensured that, using different channels, they were sold back into the supply chain.

The plan was made possible by criminal associates of Husman, co-conspirators who organised the delivery of the drugs into Birmingham. At the point of delivery, and using their marked police vehicle, the uniformed officers would block in the couriers’ vehicle. Anticipating that the couriers would flee the scene on foot, the officer would follow after, leaving the coast clear for the co-conspirators to plunder the car for the drugs and any cash that was to hand. The arrangement was that some drugs would be left in situ so that, when the officers returned from their unsuccessful chase, they would call in the job and receive the glory of a successful, legitimate bust. The stolen drugs would be divided up between the conspirators later.

In addition, both officers had, separately, obtained and disclosed personal and sensitive data from police systems for their own, unlawful, purposes. In Mr. Husman’s case that included passing the information to his criminal associates.

On 7th August 2017, Wahid Husman and the officer’s criminal associates pleaded guilty in respect of their involvement in the plot and the disclosure of personal data, and on 22nd August 2017, after a trial which had lasted ten days, Tahsib Majid, was unanimously convicted of all counts.

He, along with Wahid Husman, therefore falls to be sentenced (together with their associates) for offences of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, conspiracy to steal and possess Class A and Class B drugs with intent to supply them, and various offences relating to the unlawful disclosure of personal information.

Sentencing is due to take place in October 2017.

Nicholas Campbell QC leading Ian Mullarkey acted for the prosecution, instructed by Paul Lodato, Senior Specialist Prosecutor in the Crown Prosecution Service’s Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division.

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